Organic Facials

Organic Facials

Prepare for the revitalization of your skin with the most simple and efficient organic skin care treatments. Our different facial recipes are perfect to offer you an insight into the magical world of natural skin problem remedies for dry skin, combination skin, oily skin and normal skin, that rule out the chance of allergic reactions and any damages chemicals might do to your pores and skin cells.

We experimented with the versatile and nutritive masks created of fresh and organic fruits, vegetables and other organic ingredients. Use these facials to get rid of pimples, blackheads and more, even if you wish to only prevent the appearance of severe acne.

Pamper your skin with our facials and we make sure you furnish your complexion with a protective shield to save you from any skin disorders. Often, it might be hard to say goodbye to our time-tested skin care rituals. However, according to skin specialists, there's always room for improvements when it comes to caring for our complexion. Therefore, they also highly recommended the use of green remedies when struggling with skin problems.

Embed our private in-home spa sessions into your daily or weekly schedule in order to provide your skin cells with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The following speedy facials are some of the ageless methods to combat the appearance of zits or to simply replenish and revitalize your skin. Use our secret remedies to make sure you enjoy the benefits of a spotless complexion.

OILY SKIN... Kiss goodbye to your dull complexion by using our soothing oily skin facial recipes. Ideal for removing the sebum excess from the pores as well as the surface of the skin. We use the time-tested solutions for all your skin problems to make sure we did our best to provide your complexion with a protective shield against various skin wrecker. An oily complexion could give you more headaches during the warmer days of summer than the cold days. Sweating combined with the various harmful elements as dirt might clog your pores, generating pimples. We have fabulous natural remedies for you. This time, skip chemicals and let yourself be pampered by Pink Petals 2 professionals in the privacy of your home.

Our facials include the use of green ingredients, a fact that rules out the chance of any allergic reactions. We prepare the soothing masks and pamper your pores with the healthiest vitamins. The secret to a spotless complexion is to upgrade your beauty rituals to the ever changing needs of your skin.

People who struggle with an oily complexion know how important it is to keep dust and chemicals at a fair distance from their pores. Using skin-friendly ingredients loaded with vitamins will furnish their skin with the necessary protection to stay acne-free.