Detox Facials

Your complexion needs the same attention as your body when it comes to toxins. Our detox facial recipes are simply irresistible due to their miraculous effect on your skin. Flush out the harmful agents from your pores with the help of these natural and soothing treatments.

Pollution together with excessive sebum production can contribute to the formation of acne. Those who struggle with pimples know how important it is to remove the oil and dirt from our pores. Careless skin cleansing and wrong conditioning habits can lead to disasters.

Flaunt your flawless complexion to the world and offer the best example on adopting the most efficient skin care routine. We trawl the market for natural ingredients that can be mixed to create our detox facial recipes.

Get rid of harmful free agents that sabotage the balanced sebum production and toxin elimination of your skin. Pink Petals 2 have the facial masks that will pamper your skin and your pores.